Swiss Commercial Drone Industry


Arora, Siddhartha

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This publication is focused on the nascent industry of drones being used by professional users, more commonly known as commercial drones. While piloted aircraft have dominated the airspace as we know it for about a century, the use of unmanned aircraft by professionals is creating a conflict between two dominant stakeholders: the aerospace industry and the professional. This publication attempts to take a closer look at these two stakeholders and their desire to occupy a limited public resource: airspace. In order to understand the leading role being taken by commercial drone suppliers in Switzerland, a reconnaissance of other leading drone markets is conducted: The United States, The European Union and Japan.
This publication attempts to understand what some of the critical success factors for a commercial drone industry emerging in Switzerland could be, particularly when compared to other markets advancing in drone development. Finally, an attempt is made to assess whether Switzerland can maintain a sustainable competitive advantage moving forward.