Social Insurance Yearbook 2023


Bollier, Gertrud E.

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CHF 58.00

This compact overview is published on a yearly basis and is an indispensable reference text for education purposes, for professionals
who provide consulting to insurances, finance companies, fiduciaries and authorities, as well as for anyone seeking
fast information on the essential aspects of Switzerland’s social insurance system.

New in the 2023 edition • Current AHV contribution and pension tables • 7th IV revision with refined pension
system and transitional provisions; increased integration efforts for young people • BVG: Effect of the IV revision
on occupational pensions • ALV: Consideration of procedural improvements and deadlines for the receipt of
short-time work compensation • Bridging benefits for long-term unemployed persons from the age of 60 in modest
economic circumstances, specified. Cross-border social insurance, update on social insurance agreements with
Bosnia-Herzegovina and Tunisia.